Saturday, April 11, 2009

POTD ~ Oh Baby

Well I had the pleasure of taking this little gems photos, she did not look at the camera often and hands were in her mouth constantly. But no scream not cry no fussing she was happy. Took these in my house, natural light.

Oh Baby

Canon EOS 50D
ss 1/125"
ISO 320

used Lolly's B/W (Heather Wards action)


pat said...

I like this shot! If she has her hands in her mouth as much as you say, I bet her mom will think this shows her perfectly at this age. Nice lighting on this! By the way, the shot in the previous post of your sons is so cute---they are adorable!

shirley said...

Such a cute shot! Great for baby week. Even though her hands are in her mouth, you can tell she is all smiles.