Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Well I thought I'd give the blurry light thing ago
blurry lights copy

blurry lights on Tree

some more starry lights
Tree starry lights

Star light

While I was taking the shots I saw my son run to get his V-Tech camera and started to take photos too. In the corner of my eye I saw he was watching what I was doing the he took off again grabbed his box flipped it over and then placed his camera on it...his tripod I guess...lol he is thinking.

O taking photos

I went to get the photos off his camera (I know they were there because I saw what he took) Low and behold they were gone vanished somehow and this is upsetting me because he got so good shots and now they are gone...grrrr


*~Deb~* said...

Great job, I haven't tried the blury lights photos yet, guess I will have to before I take down my tree this weekend

pat said...

How cute! Love the fact that he is learning from you. Nice shots--I really like the circles-within-circles in that first one.

Margaret said...

These are great! Love your light shots!

Amy said...

These are beautiful! And how cute is he to be taking after you with his photography! :)

Anonymous said...

Your star lights are amazing! And that little boy couldn't be any sweeter.

Anonymous said...

I liked your idea so much with the blurry lights that I had to copy, but yours were way better :)