Sunday, June 17, 2007

Week 25 ~ Scrapbooking

This is my ultrasound of my son: It took us 5yrs and 5losses to have him.

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My precious little baby
I have loved you from the start
you are a tiny miracle
laying closely to my heart
Each day I feel your presence,
each day you quickly grow,
each day your heart beats softly,
as I could only know,
So I'll keep this in a special place
and remember each year through,
of this very special time of life
the months I carried you....
author unknown


Jen said...

Beautiful! I'm so sorry for all your losses.

Mom2Drew said...

Wow...what a tremendous miracle! That is fantastic to have all those sonograms! I have a ton too from my last son and cherish them. You've given me an idea for scrapbooking them now.

Dana said...

What a wonderful page...and an incredible story. How hard it must have been for you to get through, but now how much joy the one you have must bring. Thanks for sharing.

Jan said...

Love your page... Very emotional. I'm so happy you finally got your miracle!!

twinsmom said...

Beautiful layout. I wish I knew where my ultrasound pics are. :(

Tera said...

Great poem, congrats to you all!! Thanks for sharing, I really like all the pics you used.

Teri said...

Wow some of those sonograms are pretty clear. Nice layout.

Sara said...

Oh, I'm teary. Beautiful!